Team Feature Story (Kansas City Star)

Every Monday during the season I submit a 400-word update on the Kansas City Monarchs to the Kansas City Star. I also submit a similar update on Fridays to The Pitch KC, making for two updates per week. This is a feature story about Allante Hall's journey from bullpen catcher to home run hero. I've uploaded a PDF of the story since it's behind the Kansas City Star's paywall.


Game Recap

My favorite game recaps are the ones that highlight human stories, rather than just re-hashing what you can find in the box score. Here's one filed on the road with the Monarchs on June 28, 2023.


Team Blog-Style Story (Kansas City Star)

This Kansas City Star update I wrote covers several different topics and takes on the feel of a team blog. It includes a "priceless" moment between player and fan, a word from a new big-league-caliber signing, and a historic achievement at the plate. I've uploaded a PDF of the story because it's behind the Kansas City Star's paywall.


Player Signing Release

I take care in writing releases for every player signing the Monarchs make. It's important to introduce a new player to our fans. Here's an example from March of 2023.