Vertical Video

I create vertical video clips on a regular basis for the Monarchs highlighting stories, educating fans, and selling tickets. This one answers a common question we get around here: What level do the Monarchs play? Other video topics include player signings, interview clips, highlights, and more!

Self-Produced Sportscast

After each of the Monarchs' 100+ games, I produce Monarchs Minute, a daily social media highlight show. The video is self-produced, including writing, highlight curation and graphics. The show features the biggest plays from the Monarchs' most recent game, stats, standings, and marketing materials. In its first season in 2023, the show generated an average of over 2,000 daily views. Here's an example from September 1, 2023.

Marketing reveal

I frequently use my content creation skills to boost our marketing efforts on social media. In this recent example, co-host Morgan Kolenda and I announce that the Monarchs have been selected to host the 2024 American Associaiton All-Star Game. The video, which I produced, generated 2,700 views, 46 comments and 155 reactions.

In-Booth Guest

One of my favorite things about our Monarchs TV broadcasts is welcoming celebrity guests into the booth. It's a great chance to have some fun, and it makes for unique social content. Here's one example where I'm having some fun with radio shock jock Randy Miller.

Podcast-style interview

I host a weekly podcast-style interview show for the Monarchs called Reign Reborn. In this example, I talk with newly-signed former Kansas City Royal Brandon Finnegan.

Postgame video interview

Often, the best way to create engaging social content is to highlight the players themselves. In this video, which I created on the fly while on the air during a radio broadcast, I sit down with South Dakota sophomore Nicole Avila-Ambrosi after she made a game-winning shot to defeat Kansas City in February 2023.

Pregame social media video

I have plenty of experience recording stand-ups in all forms. That includes this quick pre-game video ahead of South Dakota women's basketball's postseason opener against Oral Roberts in March 2023.