Social Media Graphics

One of my biggest responsibilities with the Canaries was creating graphics for social media. Below is a sampling of the over 300 graphics I made over the course of the season. I prepared all the graphics below in Adobe Photoshop. Some were created using templates I made in the offseason, others were made on the fly as the season rolled along.

Click any graphic to view the gallery.

This video is part of a lighthearted series of interviews with Canaries players in 2019. Pitcher Mark Seyler talks about offseason training, who the funniest guy in the bullpen is, and what Sioux Falls and San Diego have in common.

A quick social video I made for Bark In The Park Night at the Birdcage. This post, with help from retargeting, reached over 7,000 people and accrued over 3,000 three-second video views.

In one of our most successful highlight videos of the year, Kevin Taylor pulls off an unusual bouncing double play, and explains his logic afterward.