"Carter doesn't miss deadlines, he communicates well, he understands the job
he's tasked with and pulls it off. Those are skills that you really can't teach someone."
- Ryan Famuliner, News Director, KBIA-FM, Columbia Mo.

My Writing

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Baseball Game Recap

As part of my job description with the Canaries, I write the postgame recap for all of the Birds' road games, as well as several home games. The recaps are re-posted on several local news outlets. This piece recaps a Canaries win over the Milwaukee Milkmen in June 2019.

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Community news story

I work as a news writer and anchor for KELO Radio in Sioux Falls. I put this story together during an emergency meeting of the Sioux Falls City Council, as the city prepared for the spread of the coronavirus.

Newsy Video - Written, Anchored and Edited

During my nearly three years working for Newsy, a Scripps, LLC-owned digital newsroom, I created over 200 videos. Many of them, like this one, were written, anchored, and edited by myself. In this video, I take a lighthearted look at the eccentric rules the most famous golf club in America is known for.


Radio Update

My experience working in radio has also taken me in the studio, where I've hosted a weekly sports talk show and various pre- and post-game shows. This clip is an out-of-town score update delivered live during a Mizzou baseball broadcast on April 10, 2018.

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Radio Feature Story

Winston Churchill's iconic "Iron Curtain" speech is an important benchmark in history. Where Churchill gave the speech, it's a part of their cultural identity. This story was honored with awards by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation and the Society of Professional Journalists for excellence in feature reporting, and an Edward R. Murrow Award for sound editing.

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